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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fall Palette

Im loving this by Pantone's Fall 2009 Fashion Color Report this year. Maybe it's because the color combinations are endless and exciting? Or perhaps it's because a few of these palettes match some of my absolute favorite interiors...

This combination of colors has to be one of my all time favorites - in fact, it's exactly what I've been going back to in my bedroom! Earthy, warm shades with a touch of grey. Done to perfection above, and interpreted with a few other colors below...

pantone fall palette2
room by jay jeffers

pantone fall palette4
room via aussie vogue

I also love this unexpected grouping of a deep teal blue with an old-fashioned rose colored pink and a dash of modern olive green (more like a chartreuse if you ask me!) And, of course, a neutral cream to balance them all.

pantone fall palette6
room via domino

pantone fall pallette8
room via domino

And, we cannot forget the red and purple hues that will continue to be strong this year. My favorite is actually to pair them together, like this room above. Such royal richness!!

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