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Friday, March 6, 2009

Lovely Sofa for small spaces!

Original Couch Sofa

The Original couch sofa combination is a piece of furniture designed to optimize any small space. I find the design of the Original to be quite striking. Flexibility is a critical element when shopping for a piece of furniture which may be the cornerstone for a loft, flat, or small apartment. I love the flexibility in this couch sofa combination. The genius around Original is centered in the four round pieces that make up the seating area. Moving one of the pieces to the front creates a small couch perfect for two people with the ever important ottoman in front to stretch the legs out onto. Keeping all four pieces of the couch sofa in one line create a larger sofa that can accommodate comfortable seating for up to 3 people and if need be 4 people.

Another neat feature is that by turning the pieces you can change where the backrests are. Like in one of the pictures you can see where the backrests are in opposite directions. Though I am not sure how often I would use the feature, I am thankful that I have the opportunity for the multifunction capability. I find the Original couch sofa to be quite attractive. I am a fan of the black-white contrast and feel that adds flair to many room settings. Original features leather upholstery, wooden frame construction, and metal tubular legs. Available at: Original Couch Sofa. Price: $6,800.

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