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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Living Areas

Sharpen up an all-white scheme by adding subtle accents of black and yellow. Choose cushions and accessories to add a small punch of colour, and then add heavy curtains and some large pieces of furniture to prevent the room feeling too insipid
Stripes don't have to be colourful to make an impact. Here, wide stripes in grey, black and white work with the dark-painted woodwork to create a sophisticated feel. Bright colours look great set against black and white, and this lime-green leather seat makes a real statement.

Patterned purple wallpaper teamed with an antique-style mirror creates a focal point out of the fireplace in this dramatic living room. The purple of the walls is mirrored in a rich aubergine rug and ottoman. An opulent combination of rich fig shades and glistening silver accessories creates a grown-up living space.
Here, instant impact is achieved by painting a traditional-style mirror in a modern, bold colour. This colourful scheme works by mixing strong pieces that have very little detail, toning down the scheme to prevent it looking too busy.

Painted floorboards are surprisingly tough and won't show up dirt as much as you might think - in a rustic-themed room, the odd imperfection will in fact enhance the look. Here, neutral sofa and armchair provide comfort without detracting from the statement dresser - distressed paintwork is an easy effect to achieve by rubbing sandpaper lightly over a painted surface, but practice on a piece of wood first to make sure you have the technique perfected.
A neutral colour palette of dusky pinks and greys creates an informal yet sophisticated look in this living room. A modular sofa is perfect for family to sit together, and upholstery in a darker colour like grey is ideal for hiding stains. Multifunctional furniture is key. For instance, the footstools can also be used as chairs or as storage boxes for magazines.

This living room uses gold and metallic accents to create a glamorous look. Soften the look by using the full spectrum, from yellow gold to mink, blending patterns and finishes. A black floor lamp makes for an eye-catching focal point, and adds an interesting mix of old and new when teamed with the traditional stone fireplace.


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