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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gossip Girl Gossip Girl's Bass &Van der Woodsen New York apartment set

InStyle did a great feature on Gossip Girl's Bass/Van der Woodsen New York apartment set. If you're a fan of the show and the set decor, check out some photos we pulled after the jump as well as links to all the exclusive information over at InStyle...

Living Room done up in red, white, and turquoise. It's a mix of sharp modern lines (the white sofas, the coffee table), touches of Asian influence (red pillows), and even a glimpse of traditional flair (like the armchairs). And let's not forget the glamour: a pop art portrait and a shrine to the all-mighty Prada.
The Home Office, complete with an x-base desk featuring drawers that open on both sides, a classic Eames lounge chair covered in what looks like a Missoni chevron fabric (drool), and sweeping views of...a fake New York skyline. (Fun fact we learned on the Warner Bros. Lot Tour awhile ago: Studios print city scapes on rolls of fabric that when backlit really do give the illusion of city lights).
This is room in the whole place: the dining room has just the right amount of textures and colors. Despite the size of the art on the wall, it's matched close enough to the wall color that it's not obtrusive yet still holds interest. We love the black chandelier, the Cherner chairs, and the marble-topped Danish table. As for the red shag rug, sure it's not practical in a real life setting...but, uh, doesn't it look nice?

And finally: Serena's bedroom. According to the show's stylist, Serena's sense of style was based loosely around Kate Moss' anything goes attitude. Like her wardrobe, Serena's bedroom is mish mash of glamour clich├ęs (metallic pillows! Gold satin sheets!), designer statements (the Bourgie lamp on her nightstand), vintage finds (that nightstand looks like something we'd seen on Craigslist), and the unexpected (gold polka dot panels / headboard).

Check out all the info on this Gossip Girl set at InStyle, including a "Get This Look" feature.
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Production Designer by Loren Weeks; Set Decoration by Christina K. Tonkin. Photos from ]

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Anonymous said...

I love the red "asian influence" pillows. does anybody know where I can find those? Let me know!!! Sibila,Brazil